Friday, October 20, 2017

11/2/2017 Learning Disabilities & ADHD Conference

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West Side of North Judson Proposed as Ideal Spot for Future Industrial Development

Posted on October 20, 2017
Author Jacque Ryan, WKVI

Starke County Economic Development Foundation Board President Larry Wickert provided the North Judson Town Council with a report when they met earlier this week.

Wickert’s report began with an update about the SCEDF Ag-Initiative. He said as a part of the initiative to advance agriculture industry in the area, foundation representatives have been researching alternative crop options that would be more profitable for local producers.

SCEDF board members have been discussing the most advantageous area in North Judson for future developments. North Judson Town Council President Wendy Hoppe and former town councilman Tim Cummins both serve as members of the SCEDF board. Wickert said that after some discussion with them and other committee members, they came to the conclusion that the best place would be on the west side of town near where OTES Signs & Graphics is located.

He explained that since water and sewer utilities reach out to that area it would be the ideal vicinity for future industrial development within the Town of North Judson.

NJSP Superintendent Provides a Peek at Some Preliminary Work Being Done on Lease Rental Bond Projects

Posted on October 20, 2017
Author Jacque Ryan, WKVI

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin had a plethora of project updates to provide to the school board when they met Tuesday night.

Dr. Zupin informed the board that although they won’t be receiving money from their lease rental bonds until January, plenty of preliminary work has been done so far. She stated that quotes are out for the bathroom partition replacement portion of the project and she anticipates that work to be completed over Christmas Break while students are out of the building.

The superintendent mentioned that on Monday, drilling was conducted on the school’s campus in three different areas to assess the best location for the proposed tennis court. She said those results will be back soon and then they can begin designing that plan.

Dr. Zupin said that the Elementary and Jr./Sr. High School principals have been speaking with representatives about the proposed security measure, “The architects have spoken with both Mrs. Berndt and Mr. Polite about how what secure entrance will look so they’re designing that plan right now.”

Zupin added that last week crews were looking at the roof, checking to see the extent of the damages and what kind of materials will be needed for those repairs. She also said that within the next week, they will have someone come in to check the ducts, to assess whether or not they need to be cleaned before they spend money on a cleaning crew.

Starke County Council Discusses Additional Appropriation for SCILL Center

Posted on October 20, 2017
Author Anita Goodan, WKVI

The Starke County Council members discussed an additional appropriation request made Monday night by Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Charlie Weaver.

“It’s for $40,000 and that’s for the second half of the calendar year for the SCILL Center. It’s consistent with what’s been done in the past,” said Weaver.

The money helps keep the SCILL Center operations going at the facility located in the industrial park in Knox.

The funding request was before the Starke County Commissioners at their last meeting and discussed in several meetings before Monday’s meeting.

The council unanimously approved the request as presented.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween is Creeping Closer!

And that means there are only two weekends left to:

  • plan that Halloween party
  • visit a Halloween maze
  • get the heck scared out of you 
  • admire some scarecrow art
  • take a ride on a Halloween Train
  • or find some other way to celebrate
So check out the list of mazes, haunted houses, pet fests, trips to a "haunted" zoo, a wicked woods, haunted mini golf, etc. that we've gathered for you at the North Judson-Wayne Township Library's web page. 

But don't worry, once Halloween is over we'll start working on our list of things to keep you busy over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

New North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Scheduled to be Sworn-In Friday Morning

Posted on October 19, 2017
Author Jacque Ryan, WKVI

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. Andrew J. Rowe will be sworn in as North Judson Clerk-Treasurer. Rowe was voted in during a democratic caucus last Thursday and a resolution to appoint him to the position received unanimous council approval at a North Judson Town Council meeting on Monday night.

The resolution also states that Rowe is granted the authority to be the signature of all bank accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable and all other financial records required by the office of clerk-treasurer.

Though Rowe will be sworn-in by Alicia Collins during Friday’s ceremony, North Judson Council President Wendy Hoppe specified that his term does not officially begin until 12:01 a.m. on Monday, October 23rd. The resolution passed Monday states that his term will run from that Monday until Wednesday, January 1st of 2020.

Starke County Council Addresses Loss in Ambulance Transfers

Posted on October 19, 2017
Author Anita Goodan, WKVI

Starke County EMS is losing ambulance transfers to another ambulance service which has caused a reduction in revenue for the county.

EMS Director Travis Clary mentioned the issue to the commissioners earlier this month in his report to the board and the Starke County Council discussed it this week.

Council Vice President David Pearman said county officials met with Starke Hospital personnel recently and they said they would work with the county to assist the EMS service. The fact that a Porter Regional ambulance is at Starke Hospital is still bothering some county officials.

Pearman added that another reason for the change is that the EMS service is not equipped with particular breathing equipment.

“One of the things that had been discussed before was that they would help us fund and train us but also help us fund the piece of equipment,” said Pearman. It’s not super expensive but supposedly that’s why they’ve been sending so many. My point is our patient mix could not have changed that much in three months where all of a sudden we’re not qualified to do our own transfers. They’re saying we don’t have the required equipment and training.”

Starke Hospital Interim CEO Jeff Fites told WKVI News, “In a recent meeting with county commission and EMS officials, we discussed ambulance transfers from Starke Hospital. It’s important to note that transfers overall at the hospital have been down for the time period that the county indicated they’ve seen a decrease. Our number one priority at Starke Hospital is our patients, some of whom have a higher acuity than Starke County EMS can accommodate, and some of whom must travel farther than the Starke County EMS service area.

We will continue to work with various ambulance services in addition to Starke County EMS for transfers from Starke Hospital so our patients can receive the timely and medically-necessary transfer services they need. We intend to continue collaborating with Starke County EMS, including offering them additional training if they would like it. We value our relationship with Starke County EMS and feel confident we can work together to offer excellent ambulance transfer care to our communities.”

It is also bothering residents in Starke County who are waiting on transfer service as Starke County EMS is not being called to perform transfers as often. Residents reportedly often wait hours for the alternate service to complete the transfer request.

EMS Director Travis Clary reported to the commissioners on Oct. 2 that the percentage of transfers dropped from 35 or 25 percent to 10 percent last month.

2% Increase to Base Salary Included in North Judson-San Pierre Master Teacher Contract

Posted on October 19, 2017
Author Jacque Ryan, WKVI

The North Judson-San Pierre Teacher’s Master Contract was ratified by the teacher’s association on Thursday of last week and received board approval during the NJSP school board meeting on Tuesday night.

Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin stated that the contract is a 2 year agreement which will be retroactive to the beginning of this school year. She shared that some of the highlights include that the beginning teacher base pay was raised to $35,000.

Dr. Zupin said that a two percent increase was applied to existing teacher salaries. She went on to thank the teachers, “They’ve been patient through our financial issues and they are here because they are loyal and committed to North Judson-San Pierre so they deserve what we were able to work together to accomplish.”

Zupin added that the extra curricular schedule was re-structured to reflect the school’s new set-up with the Jr./Sr. High School. For that reason, any language referring to the “middle school” was removed.

11/5/2017 FAFSA Workshops Planned for November, As Part of College Goal Sunday

Posted on October 19, 2017
Author Michael Gallenberger, WKVI

Those planning on attending college next fall can get an early start on the financial aid process. On Sunday, November 5, students and their parents can get some free help filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. As part of College Goal Sunday, volunteers around Indiana will be holding FAFSA workshops.

By filling out the free application, students may be eligible for state and federal grants, scholarships, and loans at most colleges and universities. To qualify for state aid, the form needs to be filed by April 15. However, event organizers say many people are worried that the process is complicated and time consuming.

During the free College Goal Sunday workshops, volunteers will be available to guide students and their parents through the process. Locally, FAFSA workshops will be held at Plymouth High School, Purdue University Northwest in Westville, and Ivy Tech Community College in Valparaiso. Families are asked to bring their completed 2016 tax returns and other income and benefits information. Students and parents are also encouraged to create U.S. Department of Education FSA IDs online before going.

All workshops start at 2:00 p.m. local time on Sunday, November 5. More College Goal Sunday events are planned for February. For more information about College Goal Sunday or for a complete list of locations, visit